Business consultancy

I will help you channel your energy towards your business goals, set goals and achieve them, have a good strategy and clear vision of what you want to do.

Entrepreneurship consultancy

By organising the entrepreneurial consultancy courses, I aim to create a context for increasing the entrepreneurial skills of people who want to start and develop a business. I will help you to channel your energy towards your business goals, to set goals and achieve them, to have a good strategy and clear vision of what you want to do.

Along with raising performance levels, the courses also support entrepreneurs to find growth solutions when others are just surviving in the business environment. Whatever your reason for wanting to be better, I’ll help you see fresh perspectives and focus on what’s important in your business.

I'm the right man in the right place if you ask yourself one of the following questions:


You're a successful entrepreneur, but you have so much to do that you can't focus on development or enjoy your work.


Mentoring in:

Organising and prioritising objectives, optimising work and processes, clarity on where you want to go and what you want to implement, growth strategies;


Access to infrastructure providers, investors, etc.


the opportunity to get in touch with entrepreneurs in the same industry who can come up with suggestions to improve your product, idea, business;


Financial/legal/marketing consultancy, innovation, business modelling, branding, industrial property, marketing, systematisation, cashflow, so that you are well informed before making any decision.

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How did I start?


Who am I?

My name is Marius Bogdan Pîslariu and today, at 42 years old, I believe I am the sum of all my dreams and desires: the ones I have fulfilled, the ones I am in the process of achieving, and the ones I have not yet discovered.

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My Story

My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, a lot of thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles …

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