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I’ve upped my skill game with training, experience and practice, I can help you see exactly what is your best scenario and how to avoid wasting time, money, and other traps caused by bad choices.





When I began my entrepreneurship journey, I knew I had to get up to speed on partnerships, the legal terms of hiring, scaling a business, and last but not least, the contractual terms of running a commercial brand, fully integrated in the economic system. That’s when I turned to business groups, courses, trainings, and seminars, and dove into everything I could get my hands on in the entrepreneurial field: personal and business development, management of systems and procedures, leading without a title, the importance of building a team, funding, startups, scaling, and so on.

By offering entrepreneurial consultancy courses, I aim to increase the enterprising skills of those interested in building a start-up. My aim is to guide your channeling energy towards setting your business goals, mapping out steps to achieve them and strategizing a clear vision towards accomplishing your ideas.

Beyond raising performance levels, the courses also support entrepreneurs find growth solutions when others are just managing to survive in the current economy. No matter what drives your hunger for improvement, I’ll help you gain fresh perspectives and focus on what’s important in your business.

If you’ve ever asked yourself one of the following questions, you are guaranteed to find the answers in my courses:

If you're a successful entrepreneur, but you have so much on your plate that you can't begin to think about scaling or even worse, you forgot how to enjoy your work, you can still benefit from my course:



Organizing and prioritizing objectives, optimizing work and processes, providing clarity on your goals and what needs to be implemented, plus growth strategies to encourage expansion.


Access to infrastructure providers, investors, etc.


The opportunity to get in touch with entrepreneurs in the same industry who can suggest ideas for your product, development, business etc.


Financial, legal and marketing consultancy, innovation, business modelling, branding, industrial property, marketing, systematization and cashflow consultancy, for a well-informed you in the face of market decisions.

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How did I get started?

Who am I?

My name is Marius Bogdan Pîslariu and today, at 42 years old, I believe I am the sum of all my dreams and desires: the ones I have fulfilled, the ones I am in the process of achieving, and the ones I have not yet discovered.

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My Story

My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, a lot of thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles …

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