I arrived in Japan in 2011. It felt like I had been catapulted into the future, into the technology and innovation capital of the world.

Feeling Alien

If I had to search for one word to describe my experience in Japan, it would be ‘alien’. All travels are an experience of diversity, but I can’t say the same for Japan. In most cases, you see a replica of life you know; there, I saw a different reality. 

I went to Japan ready to explore the innovation and design landscape. There, everything was different, as if from another planet: I saw asphalt that melts ice, heating resistors that, at a heat output of 20KW, consume only 2KW, an oil filter with nephron technology that removes impurities so engine oil doesn’t need to be changed, high-capacity batteries based on water instead of acids, a nanofiber blanket that stabilizes in both soil and desert terrains, magnetic incinerators that neutralize radioactive materials without any external energy consumption, and organic fertilizer made with mixtures of soil.

During my stay in Japan, I had the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs, visionaries, inventors and exceptional professionals, which led me to share their innovations in Europe.

Japan Franchise

The decision to introduce Japanese franchises to the European market was to test and implement the innovations: de-icing asphalt, engine oil filters, organic fertilizers, etc.


As already mentioned, I met outstanding innovators in Japan. One of them is Kanda Tomokazu, owner of System Brain Japan, NanoShine and NanoMaintenance, with whom I partnered to implement his unique ceramic plating technologies in Europe.

NanoShine is a technology that, using only water and composite ceramics, forms a glassy, protective film that can be applied to various objects: car bodies, buildings, and all surfaces prone to high wear. Although originally developed as a new generation of car body care, it has multiple uses.

NanoShine technology involves passing ordinary tap water through a composite ceramic body that melts silica-based molecules at the nano level. The electrostatically charged silica-based molecules penetrate between the molecules on the treated surface and form a strong, 100% inorganic glass film. By forming a very thin layer at the nanometer level, the surface in question regains its natural, fresh shine. Moreover, this protective shield lasts for a long time without special maintenance.

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How did I start?

Who am I?

My name is Marius Bogdan Pîslariu and today, at 42 years old, I believe I am the sum of all my dreams and desires: the ones I have fulfilled, the ones I am in the process of achieving, and the ones I have not yet discovered.

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My Story

My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, a lot of thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles …

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