My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, a lot of thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles that jumble together and never let me rest.



Self Portrait

I wrote this self-reflection in an attempt to reveal who I am inside. My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, many thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles.

Now, for example, I am reminded of Albert Camus, who said that thoughts are never honest. Emotions are honest. Under this rule of thought, honest or not, I will let my emotions dictate the thread of my becoming.

My story began....

My story began long ago, perhaps even before the promise of love my parents made to each other the day they decided to become a family. But I’m going to start at my birth.

I was born in the cold spring of 1981, on March 21, in a northern mountain town, Suceava, in Romania, where people still breathe the fresh forest air and where a spiritual bond is passed down through generations. Although I never saw myself growing old in my birthplace, my moral compass and values were seeded into my being by the people back home. I never lose my North. It’s living in me.

My earliest memory is from the baptism of my little sister who is three years younger. Hiding behind my father’s knee, I peered through my bangs right up into the heights of the church dome and tried to understand why the godparents were blowing out the baptism candles on the doorframe. Even now I don’t know the answer that question, but it has remained a defining moment for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been concerned with why things happen the way they do, what , and how, once put together, stand-alone pieces begin to move, to be a whole, to have a purpose. For this restless curiosity, I endured some beatings. As an engineer, my father collected all sorts of devices and gadgets, apparatus that I decided to study. And I studied until I dismantled them into useless piles of little pieces.

My first invention sprang from panic

I was due a beating if I touched my father’s toys. In an attempt to rebuild whatever I had dismantled, I came up with an industrial decorative object. That’s how I discovered I liked design, and eventually, I decided to go to art college and graduated with a certification in the field. Later, I became the first Romanian admitted to the Espera Sbarro School of Automotive Design in France.

Unfortunately, I had to give up that dream. Even to this day, I haven’t figured out why things happen the way they do in life; all I have discovered is that my dream was not tangible within the parameters of that time. Although I fought with all my strength and being to earn a scholarship that would allow me to pursue my dream, I had to stop there. I was once again left with a pile of little pieces that I didn’t know how to put together for a bigger purpose. Although my father was no longer there to guide me, the dynamic remained the same: I had to fix it, this time not for aesthetic purposes, but for necessity.

I now have three patents granted by the State Office for Patents and Trademarks OSIM (2005-2008), 50 inventions and products published or under patent, and With my inventions, I have won numerous awards and gold medals, both at home and abroad; Dad, all that tinkering came to something!

My first unfulfilled dream planted a new motivation: to have the freedom of movement. But that can only be sustained by a matching financial capital. Although I had three jobs, I still didn’t have the freedom I wanted. On the contrary, I felt increasingly trapped, caught up in the rat race.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on, and signed up to all the personal development and entrepreneurial courses. All my holidays were spent at summer schools and in my spare time

At one point, a friend kept complaining about his rocky destiny and said: 

-Marius, to eat an apple, I have to plant the tree!

I shrugged and smiled knowingly. I eat only the fruit of the trees I have planted. And to get there, I have to find a new path, give it a new furrow, sow it, dig a well from which to feed it, and keep it warm until the sun comes out.

By virtue of such destiny, I became an entrepreneur

Having organized and fulfilled the dreams of others, I sought new places for new furrows. My own, this time. I already had the designer and the inventor in me.

All the nuts, coils, cogs, bolts and screws of my early dream hung like medals when I started my first cultural venue, La Fierărie – PUB Boem, where I organized over 700 events. At that time, the landscape was a cultural desert, so I brought music, theatre and poetry to my hometown from all corners of the country and beyond.

As I know it takes a village to raise a kid, I’ve teamed up with skilled people united by the same aim. Together we managed and formulated ideas for Talcioc Cultural, my second business, where I organized events for 600 participants. 

When things grow quickly, all energies go out of control and the stakes take on cosmic dimensions. I had contracts to honor, suppliers to pay, and not to mention salaries. There was no longer a single common dream; everyone in this hornet’s nest had their own defined place in the hive, their own stakes, interests, families, and dreams.

As a mentor, nurturing the dreams of others fuels me. To keep up the momentum, I learned even more. In addition to the courses and seminars for entrepreneurial development, I joined several organizations, including Romanian Business Leaders, Romanian Association for Community Development, Junior Chamber International, in doing so becoming an active member with a decision-making voice, taking on the responsibilities of vice-president and senator.

During this entrepreneurial period, my inner inventor started to think about creating a specific reference system in entrepreneurial management. The goal was for both employers and employees to reach their full potential with the help of fixed evaluation tools, following standardized, quantifiable steps.

This led me to become a Perspective Management consultant and public speaker, first sharing my vision with the public in 2015 at the Dreamforce Hackathon, San Francisco, USA. Now, I will be publishing a book to support small and medium-sized businesses to expose well-kept secrets that exponentially increase turnover, and assert the use of meritocratically earned wages that will change the mindset of employees in the workplace.


Every time I see the potential of a business idea, I want to be part of its evolution and development. For over four years, I have been a realtor, investor and business developer for the market in Dubai. 

I have never been able to separate the parts of me, they co-exist, supporting and feeding each other. The innovator, the visionary, the entrepreneur, the investor and the developer blend and together burn with vehement passion, living from me, with me, through me, shaping me. Today’s version of me grows out of yesterday’s and so on, until I hope to meet the deity, the universe or my higher self, and thank them. I hope I make them proud.

The graphic depiction of my groomed, tall appearance doesn’t move me. I am still in the making. Only in the present time seems to stand still. Only today we have the time to be who we want to become.

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How did I start?

Who am I?

My name is Marius Bogdan Pîslariu and today, at 42 years old, I believe I am the sum of all my dreams and desires: the ones I have fulfilled, the ones I am in the process of achieving, and the ones I have not yet discovered.

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