"The Billionaires' Broker in Driven Arabia"

I heard about Marius from Stefan Mandachi’s YouTube channel, someone I have been following and admiring since before the pandemic, during the pandemic, was for me a beacon of hope and courage. And I really needed hope and courage! On Stefan’s YouTube channel, I watched many guests, but Marius had that something that made me want to meet him: he is open, honest, warm, has a smile of a hard-working, courageous, self-made man who knows what he is talking about!

When I watched the two videos, my mind was ticking non-stop, click-click-click! So, I decided to message him on Facebook and invite him to be a part of Driven Arabia! He replied within two minutes and the rest is history!

How to invest in Dubai.

The Real estate agencies in Romania have recurrent tempting offers to buy property in Dubai:

  • The price of a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai starts at €126,000.

  • For villas, the price starts at €2,800/sqm.

  • Marius is now working on a $1 billion property deal.

If you’re planning to invest in Dubai, now it’s easier than ever. Romanian estate agents are coming up with more and more tempting offers. Marius has been brokering such deals for four years, and says the advantages of investing in Dubai are stability, vision and long-term profitability.

Top real estate broker in Dubai

Far from fitting the usual mold of a real estate broker, Marius Bogdan Pîslariu is constantly transforming into the most reputable professionals on the real estate market in Dubai. The spicy ingredient in his career is his entrepreneurial foundation, nurtured in two countries, worlds apart: Romania and Japan.

In its lack of transparency, doubled by the players’ greediness, Dubai gave him an opportunity and he was quick to grab it. Being a real estate consultant rather than a real estate agent, he built on sharing curated information, identifying needs and helping clients make the right choice from a wide range of options.

Top 20 Realtors To Look Out For In 2023

Marius Bogdan is a standout choice in the Dubai market. His unconventional approach to sales and customer service places the needs of his clients above his own, ensuring that they make informed purchases based on a deep understanding of the market. Marius has a keen eye for details, and his one-of-a-kind consulting services provide a comprehensive picture of the real estate market, highlighting the best opportunities for the future. His commitment to transparency and fairness is evident in his user-friendly platform PropertyDigest.ae, which features a live price, an updated availability map, and side-by-side comparisons.

Marius Bogdan - Top Dubai Realtor 2023

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