I 100% believe that my success mirrors the quality of service I provide. My motto is to treat my clients as I would want to be treated.

Full Disclosure

My daily dopamine comes from knowing that based on the true information that we provide; our clients are confident to make important financial steps. Every day I choose to be the best consultant out there. Sales techniques and persuasion are aggressive tools in my view. Instead, I like to offer a personalized real estate experience. My goal is to identify my clients’ needs, help them make the right choices from an extremely wide range of options, and guide them carefully, strategically even, through every step of the buying process.

One of the main shortcomings for clients when it comes to buying property in Dubai is the lack of broker transparency. Out of a desire to find the perfect home, whether it’s a rental or an investment property, many people use the services of an estate agent without considering whether they are accredited or not. The accreditation of a real estate broker can make all the difference if you are cheated and want to hold such a service provider accountable. Together we can avoid this trap.

I am an accredited real estate broker (Aut. No. #44447), therefore I am obliged to use standardized contracts drawn up by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai, documents made in accordance with the international laws. Thus, the clients who sign RERA standardized contracts are assured that there are no dishonest clauses and that their interests are protected by the association.




0% comMisSion

0% developer commission for new properties.

6,000 AED*

Full-day private tour and consultancy.

from 1%

Property purchase assistance only: from 1%, depending on the level of complexity and services required.

Only 2% commission

Second hand: 2% (+VAT), payable by the buyer

*refundable on property purchase

Logistics & more


I source various payment methods and negotiate on your behalf.

Private tour

A private tour of all the areas and projects in your area of interest is included.

Good vibes

My services significantly reduce the stress and time spent buying or renting a property. With me, all you will need is one point of contact for all your real estate needs.


My network provides an extremely important database that facilitates and streamlines the transaction process. I have personal connections with each developer.


Consider when moving in/out: interior design, furniture transportation, etc.

Mortgage and more

In addition, I’ve got you financially covered: mortgage, contracting, etc.


 PropertyDigest.ae is the perfect real estate platform to find your dream property in Dubai.

Survive the craziest season in Dubai


Today Marius Bogdan is teaching a selected niche how to scale their Real Estate portfolio. The only requirements to join this shrewd crowd of buyers? To get in touch and to know what you want. Even if you don’t know exactly what that is yet, Marius will help you shape an idea. Get in touch and start by receiving these 4 completely FREE eBooks from the series of Survive the Craziest Season in Dubai – The Confessions of an Honest Realtor, brimming with priceless insights:

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How did I start?

Who am I?

My name is Marius Bogdan Pîslariu and today, at 42 years old, I believe I am the sum of all my dreams and desires: the ones I have fulfilled, the ones I am in the process of achieving, and the ones I have not yet discovered.

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My Story

My brain is constantly buzzing with activity, a lot of thoughts in a seemingly constant motion, ideas fighting for starring roles …

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